On October 21, 2022, under the auspices of the Department of Medical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts in Zagreb an international scientific meeting was held: MULTIDISCIPLINARY HEAD AND NECK CANCER SYMPOSIUM”. On behalf of the  Croatian Academy of Science and Arts in Zagreb, academician Josip Madić opened the symposium. At the beginning of the symposium, professor Tomislav Baudoin, president of the Croatian Society for Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery addressed the audience. The meeting was organized by the Croatian Society for Head and Neck Tumors, partnered with the European Head and Neck Society. It’s main goal was to provide health care professionals with increased knowledge about the standard of care and evaluation of treatment of head and neck cancers. Main subjects of the symposium were: Multidisciplinary Team in Head and Neck Cancer: a Management Model; The Role of Immunotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer; HPV Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer; Skull Base Surgery; Endoscopic Transoral Laryngeal Surgery; Robotic Surgery for Head and Neck Malignancies; Future Directions and Treatment Strategies in Head and Neck cancer. The leader of the symposium was professor Drago Prgomet, president of the Croatian Society for Head and Neck Tumors. The symposium was organized through plenary lectures and round tables led by exceptional experts from the field of head and neck oncology. Among others, the lecturers were Ehab Hanna, president of the American Society for Head and Neck Tumors and head of the Department of Head and Neck Tumors MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Robert Ferris, head of Hilman Cancer Center Institute in Pittsburgh, professor W. Golusinksi, president of EHNS and many other leading experts in the field of head and neck oncology from around the world and Croatia. The symposium was organized for medical doctors, nurses, speech therapists and other health professionals who deal with patients suffering from head and neck tumors. More than 200 participants had the opportunity to attend great lectures about novels in the field of head and neck tumors and exchange their experiences and knowledge through active discussions. The important message of this symposium is that Croatian head and neck oncology and surgery is at the same level with the standard of care in other developed countries, applying recent knowledge and level of organization of care according to the highest international standards and most recent guidelines. In recognition of the excellent organization of this meeting, the Croatian Society for Head and Neck Tumors was honored with the opportunity to organize the next European course on head and neck tumors in 2024 on behalf of the European Society for Head and Neck Tumors.

Drago Prgomet