Filip Đerke

Editorial Board Secretary


PHD Candidate at the University of Zagreb


Filip Derke, MD, PhD candidate, is a neurology resident at the Department of Neurology, Referral Centre for Preoperative Assessment of Patients with Pharmacoresistant Epilepsy, University Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb. He graduated his MD diploma at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, on which he attends PhD programme in fields of Biomedicine and Health Sciences. As a medical student, he had been President of the Student Society for Neuroscience and Editor-in-chief of student scientific journal Gyrus, published by the Croatian Institute for Brain Research, School of Medicine, Zagreb. During his medical education, he received several awards, among others, two Dean’s Awards and two Rector’s awards including one for the scientific contribution. He (co)authored 3 peer-reviewed articles cited in the Web-of-Science, 4 textbook chapters and more than 10 abstracts presented at the international conferences. He is member of the Committee for Young Doctors at the Croatian Medical Chamber, and secretary of the editorial board of the RAD Journal, published by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In addition to his scientific and clinical interest in neurology, he is also interested in participation in public health activities to raise awareness of brain diseases. He also has written over twenty popular scientific texts and volunteers in the local community.