COVID-19 – Today and Tomorrow: Medical Aspects

It started with the welcome word given by academician Vida De- marin, Head of the Department of Medical Sciences who pointed out, that this Symposium continues to spread the knowledge re- lated to COVID-19 in the series of activities related to COVID- 19, already organized by the Academy.

The Symposium was organized on behalf of the Department of Medical Sciences by academician Davor Miličić and chaired by academician Davor Miličić, and academician Slobodan Vukičević. The program was very clear, comprising all important relevant topics. Lecturers were experts in the field who presented impor- tant up-to-date topics: Bernard Kaić, MD, PhD: Epidemiology and Prevention, Prof. Alemka Markotić, MD, PhD: Laboratory Diagnostics, Assist. Prof. Maria Santini, MD, PhD: Clinical pic- ture, Assist. Prof. Marko Kutleša, MD, PhD: Intensive care, Prof. Josip Begovac, MD, PhD: Antiviral therapies, and Prof. Stipan Jonjić, MD, PhD: Immune aspects and vaccines.

Very interesting and vivid discussion followed through online platform.
Participants, more than 200, were enriched with recent data and the Symposium perfectly rounded off this important topic, tes- tifying the way how our Academy is relevantly involved not only in everlasting national and global themes, but also in key current problems of the Croatian society.

Davor Miličić
Slobodan Vukičević