20th Scientific Conference on Brain Disorders: Vascular Elasticity for Brain Plasticity

The 20th Scientific Conference on Brain Disorders was held on September 23rd, 2022, in the Library of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, in Zagreb. The theme of this year Conference was entitled: Vascular Elasticity for Brain Plasticity

The main organizer of the event was the De­partment of Medical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, co-or­ganized by the International Institute for Brain Health, the Central and Eastern European Stroke Society, and the Cro­atian Stroke Society.

The purpose of the Conference was to emphasize the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the preven­tion and treatment of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases.

The event was conceived as a series of interdisciplinary lectures, and it was chaired by prof. Vida Demarin and prof. Davor Miličić. It attracted over 100 par­ticipants. The lectures have been given by 6 distinguished lectur­ers, experts in the fields of neurology and cardiology. 

Prof. Davor Miličić gave an opening lecture about the atherosclerosis and possibilities for its “eradication” by treatment of hyperlipidemia. Prof. Mislav Vrsalović spoke about the changing the paradigm of polyvascular disease. Prof. Edvard Galić discussed the association of endovascular dysfunction and arterial hypertension. Prof. Vida Demarin, assist prof. Sandra Morović, and assist prof. Hrvoje Budinčević talked about relationship between cognitive impairment and dyslipidemia, arterial stiffness and atrial fibrillation, respectively.

In conclusion, presented modern interdisciplinary approach may improve vascular elasticity and brain neuroplasticity. All these activities may reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases and dementia, too. 

Vida Demarin, Hrvoje Budinčević