VOL 537 = 46-47 (2019)


Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts –

Medical Sciences


Vol 537 = 46-47 (2019)

knjiga 537, svezak 46-47

Editor-in-Chief: Marko Pećina

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Marko Pećina, Vida Demarin
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Original Article: 
Treatment of Total Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency With Autologous Ex Vivo Cultivated Limbal Epithelial Stem Cell Graft
Iva Dekaris, Mirna Tominac-Trcin, Doria Gabrić
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/yl4okf3ql9

Original Article: 

Serum Immune Markers Differentiation in Patients with Puumala or Dobrava Virus Infections
Alemka Markotić, Ljiljana Žmak, Alenka Gagro, Dragan Dekaris
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/mjrl3ux1g9

Review Article: 
Aging and Senotherapeutics
Ivana Čepelak, Slavica Dodig
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/moxpjhglzm

Review Article: 
Psychoneuroimmunology and Skin Diseases
Liborija Lugović Mihić, Domagoj Mihatović, Mirna Šitum
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/y6zolb8l7m

Review Article: 
Aortic Stenosis from the Perspective of the Current Guidelines
Marko Mornar Jelavic, Hrvoje Pintaric
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/yq32oh40d9

Case Report:
Are Multiple Primary Melanomas a Rare Entity?Ivana Čepelak, Slavica Dodig, Daniela Nika Franceschi, Marija Buljan, Mirna Šitum
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/ypn4oc8jw9

Review Article with Case Report: 
Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in a 19-Year-Old Female with Ulcerative Colitis: Long Term Follow-up and Review from the Literature
Anita Arsovska, Pietro Caliandro, Valeria Caso, Florin Scarlatescu, Marija Babunovska, Chiara Iakovelli, Dennis Dietrich
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/94kl4cx2jm

Review Article: 
Artificial Intelligence in Radiology
Kyle Haasbroek, Wakako Takabe, Masayuki Yagi, Yoshikazu Yonei
Full Text – PDF – DOI: 10.21857/y26kec3o79 

Nikola Škreb Symposium: New Platforms in Developmental Biology – Towards the Clinical application
Full Text – PDF

Book Review: 
“Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention of Stroke and Other Brain Impairments”
Ivica Kostović, Davor Miličić
Full Text – PDF

Book Review: 
“Governance of Dual Use Research in the Life Sciences”
Alemka Markotić, Katherine Bowman, Jo Husbands, Frances Sharples
Full Text – PDF

News & Education: 
Symposium “Neuroscience of Learning and Memory” and 17thScientific meeting on Brain’s Disturbances “Disorders of Learning and Memory”
Ivica Kostović
Full Text – PDF

News & Education: 
59th International Neuropsychiatric Congress, Mind & Brain
Hrvoje Budinčević, Vida Demarin
Full Text – PDF

News & Education: 
30thDubrovnik Summer Stroke School
Vida Demarin, Hrvoje Budinčević, Anita Arsovska
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